Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaning method

Academic Writing
Chapter 2

On my honestly view, the content - base approach method is a good way to learn Chinese language. According to Jensen, the human brain needs to solve challenging problems. In a content base - approach class, students have the challenge because they spend a lot of time in group discussions including problem solving. Students learn the language by using academic materials to read or listen to passages on content. Besides, they also learn the vocabulary and grammar which is necessarily to the content. They will learn new words by seeing them in readings, practising and using them in discussions. Furthermore, they learn strategies on how to identify new words, note taking, reading and writing. As a conclusion, the aims of this approach are to ensure the learning of Chinese language will be an effectifve and comprehensive method to students.
Academic Writing
Chapter 1

My grandmother was an important influence on me when I was child. She had a great passion in cooking. Furthermore, she loved to cook and to try new recipies that she found from magazines and other reading materials. I also helped her to prepare the meal as soon as possible because we were very excited and hungry to have our lunch. At the same time, I took this oppurtunity to learn how to cook well in a proper way because of my grandmother looked like a professional chef who worked in a five star hotel. Moreover, she would also make some confectionary or cupcakes in the evenings. Sometimes, she surprised us with western desserts such as triffles and blueberry pies. We had enjoyed her mouth-watering desserts. Whenever we felt bored eating ordinary such as malay cuisines menu, my grandmother would make many types of bread like mexico buns, cheese twist, chicken floss buns and so on. Therefore, we did not have to go to a bakery in order to buy those kinds of bread. Perhaps, I will have my own restaurant and bakery because I really interested on food serving business.
Chapter 5
Academic Writing

The lesson that I learned during played activity as a child.

When I was eight years old, I learned about skills that related on problem solving, mental strategies, and mind challenging. I learned all of these by playing scrabble with my mother and relatives. Actually, my mother bought the scrabble as a gift for my birthday. The first step to start the game is turn all the tiles face down on a table and shuffle. Next, each player has to draw a tile. The one who draws ‘A’ or nearest to ‘A’ starts the game. Redraw if there is a tie or an unlettered tile is drawn. Then arrange the tiles in stacks of two and place them surrounding the board. Alternatively, put them in a bag or box. After that, the starter will draws 9 tiles and the other 8 each. Finally, turn the tiles by following clockwise direction. It was really fun, but sometimes I felt so depressed because I have to think the word by using the limited tiles that I have. I tried to give my best and put all my effort while played the game. Luckily, any player may challenge a word by referring to a dictionary. Therefore, I grabbed this opportunity to be a winner in this game. At the end of the game, an unexpected moment happened because my tiles have been drawn and my mother included my relatives are unable to create anymore words with their remaining tiles. From this experience, I learned the importance of thinking and focusing. From this game, I have always tried the best while play it which can generate my intellectual and emotion quality.
Academic Writing

Chapter 4
Online Commercial Advertisement

The online commercial advertisement is about the branded and well-known Puma and Paolo Nutini shoes. At the beginning of this advertisement, we can see a boy teenager singing with his band that plays some music instruments. Then a one girl appears suddenly towards the stage with an acrobatic action. The girl looks very energetic when she acts. After that, the girl line up in her own way. Honestly, I am impressed when saw her performance because the action seem too extreme to me. Other group of teenagers does the same action like the girl did before. There are a group of boys and girls with their sport casual gather together. Instead of an amazing action that I see, they wear a new pattern of Puma and Paolo Nutini shoes. In addition, the shoes are designed for indoor and outdoor activities. The teenager’s performance is such as an acrobatic action. At the end of the advertisement, all of them are line up together and they dismiss when the boy finishes his singing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Academic Writing
Chapter 6
Malay Wedding Ceremony

On my honestly view, Malay wedding ceremony is the best ceremony that I had attended. During the ceremony, I can notify and know about Malay culture that is my own culture. In addition, I can gain my general knowledge and increase my life experience when I'm as a guest. At the beginning of malay wedding ceremony starting with akad nikah ceremony which is a verbal contract between bride's father, his representative called "khadi" and the groom. Then the contract seals by "mas kahwin" which means a small sum of money. The second day of ceremony, the groom is accompanied by family, friends, relatives; including "bunga manggar" (palm blossom) went to the bride’s house. They are usually greeted with the sprinkling of water and scented water. Sometimes, the traditional Malay sword dance is performed. During the "bersanding" ceremony, the bridal couple will be seated on the dais. Both of them will be sprinkled with yellow rice and scented water by their family member's, relatives, and guests as a sign of blessing. Furthermore, each guest will receive a "bunga telur" which indicates a symbol of fertile union. After that, the bridal couple and their guest will attend a celebratory feast called makan beradab. The groom and bride feeding each other sweetened rice at that moment of "makan beradab". The celebrations are later included with poses of family members, relatives, and close friends. As a conclusion, Malay wedding ceremony is a tremendous and attracted because it has a unique and own characteristic than other ceremony.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Experience of interesting event

Journal Writing.

Which one of my classmates had the most interesting or unusual event when I ask them? I think Muazzah had the most interesting event. I am so excited during heard her story. Perhaps the rest of my friend probably did not agree with me because we were in different opinion. Muazzah told me that she had involved in “khatam Al Quran ceremony. Everyone who attend and involve in this ceremony, they have to wear traditional and Islamic costume. For example, “baju melayu” or “sarong” for men and baju kurung for women. Moreover, the entire guest will have delicious and authentic meal such as Briyani Rice and Penang Laksa. They are in groups while joined this ceremony. Most of them are adult including oldfoks.The entire guest will have their special activities which they will “marhaban and berzanji” together. This event is focused on part of religion activities. In my opinion, who one involved in this ceremony will had advantages for themselves either in their personal life or social environment.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet and painful memory

A sweet or painful memory that I had when my parent taught something in my life.
When I was 10 years old, my mother taught me on how to cook fried chicken. Actually, I do not like to cook because it seems a complicated work to do.Futhermore, I also did not like to do housework. My mother said,” I have to teach you now because as a girl, you have a responsibility to learn and practice it. All of this is a part of your life my dear”. At the afternoon, I was at kitchen with my mother to prepare a meal for lunch. My mother cut off a chicken and at that time I want to cut the vegetable. Unfortunately, my right finger was hurt when I cut the vegetable. A blood flow out and I felt want to collapse and vomit because I am the one who afraid of blood. Why? As I look at the color of blood, I become panic and did not know what is supposed to do. My nerves and muscles will weak automatically. My mother almost to shout and she ran quickly to take the “gamat oil” as remedy to cure injured at my right finger. Actually, my mother just asked for my helped to wash the vegetable with salted water, but I ignored her instruction. My mother said, “You have to follow my instruction because today is your first time at home kitchen and assume what had happened as lesson”. Since an unforgettable moment that I had, I become a hardworking person as my parent eldest daughter’s. Now, I like to do housework and I also can help my mother because she worked as teacher at secondary school and went home at 3 o’clock. This is my responsibility as the eldest daughter and role-model of my sibling. The most housework that I like to do is cooking and sweeping. I want to thank very much to my beloved mother who taught me in order to be a useful person. It was a sweet including painful memory that I had with my mother.